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Wow that is a deep hole! How deep should a fence post be?

Updated: Mar 20

As we say at the PostUp global world headquarters here in Orlando, "a beautiful fence starts with a great post." Every fence professional should agree 100% with this phrase, and if they don't you need to run away from them. When installation fences in Orlando Fl, all fence companies should put every post ATLEAST 30 inches into the earth. This is the minimum depth here at PostUp Fencing Solutions. I'm not going to be a math mathematician and tell you a bunch of numbers and formulas, because after all, it's just a fence, right? WRONG! It's your fence!

A good rule of thumb is to have about 1/3 or 33% of the post into the ground. For an 8 ft tall wood fence post, that is going to be set into the ground at 5ft'6" above ground level, your post would need to be 30 inches into the ground. We Hope this answers the question of, "how deep should a fence post be?"

So go get your post hole diggers and get to digging! Don't feel like digging holes? Call PostUp Fencing Solutions, for your next fence project. As one of the best fence companies in Orlando Fl, we love digging Post Holes! Let us show you the PostUp Difference!

At PostUp straight fence lines is what we do

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