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How long does a vinyl fence last in Florida? The longevity of vinyl fencing.

Updated: Feb 16

Thinking about have a Vinyl/PVC fence put in? Wondering if it's worth it? Trying to decide between wood or vinyl privacy fence? Wondering what the longevity of vinyl fencing is?

While we love installing wood fence but, vinyl fencing is far and away the best value in residential privacy fencing. And one reason for this is, its longevity. Installed correctly vinyl fencing will last a lifetime. That is why at PostUp Fencing Solutions a lifetime warranty comes with every vinyl fence we install.

How to make sure your vinyl fence lasts a lifetime?

Keep sprinklers off fence. If a sprinkler continuously hits a vinyl fence, the fence may start to become discolored because of the chemicals in the water.

Keep foliage and vegetation off of fence. Vinyl fence is strong, but it can't survive a direct hit from a 100-year-old oak tree. Also, if installed too close to a tree, roots from that tree can grow into the fence, disrupting its straight and level stature. Yes, all fencing should be straight and level on top, if the ground beneath it is hospitable to this.

But Danny, I see vinyl fencing with green stuff on it all the time!

80 percent of the time, this is because sprinklers hit that section of fence day after day.


If your vinyl fence does start grow algae, as some do here in humid Florida, it usual can be hosed off. For more stubborn algae, a t spoon of chlorine and any style pressure washer will take it right off.

Although vinyl fencing cost a little more up front than wood. If your vinyl fence is installed by PostUp Fencing Solutions, we guarantee you will not have to worry about your fence again!

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